VMware Workstation/Player Kernel Modules Not Compiling After Linux Kernel 4.6

Recently, I updated my laptop to Linux Kernel 4.6. After doing so I opened VMware Workstation, a tool that I need for my daily work flow. It started up with a prompt to recompile Kernel modules. I expected this prompt it’s always required after a kernel update. Instead of compiling the necessary modules it fails. So I decided to run it from terminal to get a more verbose error. As it turns it out, it’s failing on compiling two specific modules. The VMware Monitoring service module and the VMware Networking module. After more analysis it turned out to be two specific files inside the modules. The first file located in the Monitoring Module is hostif.c and the second file located in the Networking module is userif.c. The root cause is a function name change. get_user_pages() has been changed to get_user_pages_remote(). How do we fix this?

Multiple Docker Web Servers on a Local Network

If you have been using Docker to host web services, soon you will run into a problem. What do you do when multiple containers need port 80? Well in this post I will be discussing this scenario in a local network perspective. Say you want to run 2 Apache Containers both running on port 80. You will get this error when starting the second container: Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use. My simple solution IP Aliasing


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